Thursday, October 05, 2006

Frog Level Plantation

My great-great-great grandfather William A. Frazier built this house around 1850 in Columbia county Arkansas (about 7 miles from Magnolia, AR). This house was a plantation, and had a slave quarters in the back. I do not know how many slaves William had. After researching cemetery records for Frazier cemetery, I did find a slave buried there with the name Jessie Frazier who died in 1886. After the civil war ended in 1865, William was forced to sell the house and land due to financial issues. The house is now privately owned.

The house is also on the national register for historical places. If you click on the house you can look up the registry number.

The house was also the site of the first court house for Columbia county Arkansas; although the marker has been moved from the exact location.

William Frazier was married to Elizabeth Sarah Pullig whom he met in South Carolina where he was originally born.

Side View of home

Historic marker next to home

I took these photos while visiting my grandfather, who lives nearby, back in September.

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Frog Level Articles
I've updated the links to some other articles as the one I originally had was broken.

Frog Level story dated July 2007

William Frazier house - Encyclopedia of Arkansas

"Frog Level." Oldest House in Columbia County

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Anonymous said...

How are you connected to William Frazier?
My grandfather is J.P. Frazier the son of Lee Frazier, the youngest son of William Augustus Frazier.
My grandfather was born in 1875 and his father in 1850.

Andy said...

My grandmother was Emma Dean Frazier (born 1912) the daughter of Albert Sidney (Papa) FRAZIER. Albert Sidney Frazier (born 1877) was also a son of Lee Frazier (Frazier, Joel L). So sounds like we are related.

Anonymous said...

Who owns the house now? I would like to tour it.

Andy said...

I'm glad you asked. I just found an updated article dated July 2007. The owner is Joe Woodward a local attorney.

Anonymous said...

I am JoAnn Allison Sams, daughter of Martha Jean Tubbs Allison Perkins. She was the daughter of Bussie and Francis Fomby Tubbs. Kin to the Frazier's on the Tubbs side. I am not sure except too know it was not called Frog Level at first it was the Frazier Plantation. Beautiful old place. I do not know much about the family. Except what littel I learned from Nanny Tubbs.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly, you never received the
comment I sent to you a few months ago. I wish to correct you in that
the Frazier home was never the court house, the first court was held in the Ferguson-Morgan Store, which was between Frog Level and the Frazier Cemetery. Also, you show a picture of what you said was the slave quarters; but that building was moved onto the property by Mr. W.A.G. Woodward. I know these corrections; because I
was born and raised near Frog Level; and my Grandfather, Grover
Wise, and his family lived in the
house before it was restored as it
is today. Also, the lady that lives
with me, is the Great, Great Great
Granddaughter of William A. Frazier.
I do hope you will respond to this
comment, as I would like to talk to
you on the phone.
Yours truly
Betty Faye Lewis

Anonymous said...

Uncle Sid was a wonderful man, we all loved him. Jimmy, my cousin, his grandson was a good friend. My brother and I spent many nights at his house. About 1950 a group of lawyers came from Ireland looking for heirs of the Frazier family there. They talked with Uncle Sid, but he could not provide proof of his connection to the family.

Andy said...

To the last commenter my dad Ronnie was also Jimmy's cousin. Can you send me your name. I told him about your comment and he was wondering who you are.